Thursday, October 27, 2016

Horsefly Bites

At the moment I've got five horsefly bites on various parts of my body. Fortunately the two I've got on my face aren't too serious, and might actually just be tick bites, but those on my arms and legs are more to contend with. They have been quite large, bright red, hard, sore and itchy. The first one that I noticed, on my thigh, has now subsided after nearly a week, and is now just a circular bruise. I've been using hydrocortisone cream, which alleviates the symptoms, but the healing process still needs to take its time.

I think I might be particularly sensitive to insect bites; I always keep myself well covered up when I'm walking....unfortunately this is the last thing I should be doing because of my vitamin D deficiency; I need to soak up as much sunshine as possible. It's a choice I have to make, I'm able to take vitamin D supplements and so I'm okay, so I choose to protect myself from the bites, not always successfully though. In the terrain where I go walking, exploring overgrown areas of access land well away from the footpaths I'm going to get insects caught up in my clothing....come to think of it, maybe it might just be better to leave my skin exposed; at least they can then fly away if they want to.


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