Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fox House and Longshaw Estate, and a Short Circular Walk From Ashford-in-the-Water With Friends From Leeds

I usually meet Chris at Fox House at ten o'clock when we go walking. Today it was eleven o'clock because everyone else had been to Blackpool Illuminations last night. Nevertheless I still got to Fox House for 9:45 and had a short walk down to Longshaw Estate, and back. When I was there I took some photographs of some scary trees for Hallowe'en.

Chris, Maureen, and Jonathan arrived a few minutes early at Fox House; I got in the car and we drove to Ashford-in-the-Water. After parking, and two of us going to the toilet, we had a look around the village.

Here are two shots of the classic view of Sheepwash Bridge; some lovely autumn colours.

We then headed up towards the Monsal Trail, there's some nice countryside en route.

It was then an easy walk to Bakewell, about two and  a half miles. There were the remains of three railway stations for Chris to look at; when I'm on my own I usually stop for refreshments at The Old Station Cafe at Hassop - we walked straight by today though. 

We arrived at Bakewell with Maureen and myself needing the toilets, Chris and Jonathan didn't go again, as at Ashford. Chris had very little to drink and Jonathan nothing at all, all day.

Chris and Maureen liked Bakewell, the shops in particular. He found a whisky shop, and she the teddy bear shop. Neither of them bought anything though; Jonathan bought a chocolate bar from a newsagent's.

We then walked back to Ashford, along the Buxton road and then alongside the river. Maureen and myself used the toilets when we reached car park but the other two didn't - I think this might be something to do with their Asperger's syndrome. 

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