Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sotheby's Beyond Limits Sculpture Exhibition 2016 In The Garden At Chatsworth House

I'm still struggling a bit as I'm increasing the dosage of my anti-diabetes tablets and so a few hours wandering round the garden at Chatsworth House on a sunny afternoon taking photographs of outdoor pieces of sculpture is just what I needed today.

I got of the bus at Baslow and took a few photographs there before setting off to walk through Chatsworth Park.

I arrived at the House at 10:50, ten minutes before the gardens opened. As soon as I was let in I noticed that an organised walk to see the sculptures was planned for 11:30 so I found somewhere comfortable to sit and eat my sandwiches as I waited.

The guided walk lasted for an hour and was very informative and entertaining; some of the other people with me knew a lot more than the guide did; they were real sculpture aficionados. The highlight of the talk for me was the bit about the intricacies of the French legal code concerning the international trading of fine art and the damage caused to one of the pieces by ducks dive-bombing it and using it as a toilet.

Here are some photographs of all of the installations we visited; there are several more pieces which are part of the exhibition...and of course there are also many statues which are permanent features in the garden.

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