Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Owler Bar To Baslow

Today's walk started with a stretch of about half a mile along the road from Owler Bar until I reached the access road across the moors to Barbrook Reservoir. Taken out of use and decommissioned about twenty years ago it is already getting difficult to distinguish the area covered by the reservoir basin from the rest of Big Moor, the vegetation is nearly the same.

When I reached the reservoir I walked along the top of the dam wall until I reached the spot where it had been breached and then stepped down into the basin, the area that had until not so long ago been underwater. Walking along this section was quite easy, unlike the remainder of my crossing of Big Moor, a large tract of land consisting of mainly tussock grass and a few small areas of heather. Walking through the tussock grass is difficult; it's hard work and in my opinion is some of the most difficult terrain in the Peak District - it's like walking across a large field where hundreds of trampolines are lashed together, then three foot tall pressurised balloons are attached as closely together as possible...then the whole area is covered  with tons of treacle and hay, straw, and sawdust dropped from helicopters...and there you have it, Big Moor [oh, and of course hundreds, if not thousands of adders, England's only venomous snake live there.]

I arrived at White Edge, at the western edge of Big Moor absolutely exhausted, but elated at my first solo crossing. I found the first comfortable spot and sat down and ate my sandwiches before turning south and walking along the footpath, enjoying the views and taking plenty of photographs.

When I reached the car park at Curbar Gap I bought a 100% real orange juice ice lolly; I thought it was the healthiest option now that I'm having to contend with having both rickets and diabetes.

I walked down the road towards Curbar, but before reaching the village turned right, taking a footpath that was new to me, then joining a more familiar path closer to Baslow. At Baslow Nether End I had twenty minutes to wait for the bus; I wasn't feeling too well by this time and I needed some sustenance and so popped in the shop and bought an ice cream, Bakewell Tart flavour. They didn't have my favourite flavour, lemon curd.

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