Saturday, March 14, 2015

Walking Pole

A couple of months ago I formally resigned as both a member, and a trustee, of the Asperger's group in Leeds. Now that I'm involved with the autism charity here in Doncaster, and sit on the board of the Autism Partnership I felt that it was the appropriate thing to do.

On Thursday night many of the group gathered in Leeds for my 'leaving do,' nothing formal, just a meal and drinks in a Wetherspoon's pub - but it was good night out. I was presented with a gift, a walking pole, something I'd been considering buying for a while now. I think the pole will help me with balance and support, and judging the depth of bogs and streams - so it will be really useful.

I've noticed that many of the walkers I see in the Peak District use poles, most people seem to use two poles, and use them all the time, even when walking on roads; I've read that this takes a lot of strain off your knees and ankles. I shall only be using my pole as, and when, I need it; it's not as though it's heavy to carry attached to my rucksack; it only weighs a few ounces.

I'll still be staying in contact with my friends in Leeds, and regularly meeting them at the monthly socials, or in one of the city centre pubs when I go to the theatre; and, of course, I'll still be going walking with Chris from the group.

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