Monday, March 16, 2015

A Visit To The Hospital

I spent several hours at the hospital this afternoon. For over a week now I've been troubled by a bit of swelling in my left calf muscle, it's not particularly painful, just a bit tender to the touch. I'd been assuming it was a minor injury picked up when out walking, maybe a bad strain/sprain, or a torn muscle...but nothing more serious.

I was slightly concerned that it has shown no signs of improvement and so made an appointment to see the doctor. She was a little more concerned than I was and immediately phoned up the hospital to make plans for me to have various tests because so thought that I might have a deep vein thrombosis - something very serious.

After seeing two nurses and a doctor I was told the good news that it's not thrombosis or a blood clot, and there's  probably not even any muscle damage; just a very severe muscle knot/spasm. 

Her advice to me was to keep on walking, but to try not to cause any damage to my leg. So, I'll have to plan my routes carefully for the next few weeks, sticking to the easier paths.


  1. Blimey, some of us walkers aren't having much luck with the very parts of our bodies that we need to stay healthy and injury free!!!

    Hope it improves quickly.

    Toodles - Paula :)

  2. Take it steady, hope things improve soon, keep on walking and blogging!