Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Walk to Doncaster Lakeside

It's been a lovely morning and so I had to get out of the house. Obviously there's no public transport running and so it would have to be a local walk. It's only a fifteen minute walk to Doncaster Lakeside from my house; it's a very pleasant spot and I really should pop down there more often.

I took the short-cut that I know through the estate and was wished a 'Merry Christmas' by a very attractive young woman standing leaning against a car. She was wearing a very short dressing-gown and exposing a lot of naked flesh. I was wearing my bright red padded ski jacket - maybe she was a little tipsy and thought I was Father Christmas and she wanted to come over and sit on my was certainly a pleasant start to my day!

I did a full circuit of the lake when I got there, and climbed two of the three artificial mounds too to enjoy the view - all the way to the Pennines. I've never walked all the way round the lake before, just sections of the route. Today I was able to linger at the various viewpoints and the statues to take photographs...and to cross over the bridges to walk on both of the islands. 

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