Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Visit To Cannon Hall

It would have also been a visit to Newmillerdam as well; we spent too much time in the café at Cannon Hall though.

A day out today with Siobhan, my support worker; Christmas shopping at Cannon Hall Farm Shop. Here's a photograph of the goodies: two game pies (I would have preferred rabbit pies - but they didn't have any), fruit and nut flapjack, and some lemon curd Bakewell Tart. There was so much to choose from, but probably not as much choice as last year before the building renovations. There's more space to walk round now though.

We arrived at about 11:15 and tried to pay the £3 parking fee at two different locations, but the machines must have been full. So; a good start to the day. The sun was at a good angle to take some photographs of the house and the grounds, so that was the first thing I did.

There were a couple of very garish portaloos hiding in a corner, hopefully not being too intrusive.

We then went to go and have a look round the hall; it's free admission by the way. To our surprise it wasn't open yet; it didn't open until twelve o'clock.. So...we would have to go in the café; for a pot of tea and a pulled pork and stuffing sandwich each. I think I had an Aspergic moment when I asked for a pot of tea for two and some extra water and the woman serving thought I wanted a glass of water...are my verbal communication skills really that bad?

I think we lost track of time in the  café, but we eventually walked across the courtyard to the hall. Cannon Hall has a very large and impressive collection of  Moorcroft Pottery . There was also some lovely Christmas decorations; possibly period, and certainly appropriate for the decor and furniture. There were very few people around and so I was able to take a few photographs, but none of them was any good.

Finally, we went to the farm shop, where I bought my pies and cakes.

By now there wasn't enough time to fit in a visit to Newmillerdam and a walk round the lake, so we called at a couple of out-of-town supermarkets on the way home to see what we could find.

We had an accident with a Pound coin and a trolley safe.

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