Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sprotbrough, High Melton, Marr, Brodsworth Hall, Pickburn, and Woodlands.

Never more than a ten minute car journey from Doncaster Town Centre.

Another local walk today; taking in a classic car rally at Brodsworth Hall: A chance to show off Doncaster at its best I suppose. I love the Peak District and go there nearly every week; however there's still some lovely countryside and pretty villages in my local area to enjoy.

I caught the first bus to Sprotbrough, a lovely local beauty spot on the river. I arrived just as the Humber Princess was approaching the lock on the canalised section which bypasses the weir; this wasn't planned on my account, just a fortunate coincidence. Later on I saw her sister ship, the Humber Pride, sailing in the other direction taking its cargo of oil to Rotherham.

I rushed down to the lock so that I could see her pass through; there isn't a lot of room to spare, especially today since the captain was being very careful not to kill a family of ducks which was trapped in the lock.

Walking back in the other direction I paused to take the classic shot of Sprotbrough.

I continued walking along the river upstream, noticing that a major angling competition was underway; there were hundreds of competitors with some very expensive was a team competition. Most of the anglers were actually sitting on platforms placed in the river.

I had a quick look at what I could see and photograph from the hides at Sprotbrough Flash Nature Reserve; nothing much though, the lighting was poor.

After about a mile I got my first glimpse of Conisborough Viaduct.

I climbed up onto the viaduct using the path and took some photos, yet again I wasn't happy with them and so I've not included any. 

The next stretch is part of the Trans Pennine Trail along old railway lines at the base of Conisbrough Crags. There were good views of the castle from here...and an abundance of wild flowers. I have never seen so many moonpennies in my life.

Next I reached the road and passed by Denaby Ings Nature Reserve, a lovely spot to visit, but I didn't have time today. I then crossed the fields, climbing up to High Melton, where I posed for a self-portrait outside the campus of the university centre; it's a very shiny, and reflective sign.

My route continued across some featureless agricultural land until I reached Melton Wood, passing close to the wind turbines at Marr, and then crossing more fields until I reached the village. It took me several minutes to cross the busy road before I was able to walk down the lane which leads towards Brodsworth.

I popped in to Brodsworth Hall to look at the cars, see how the gardens are, and get a cup of tea; I might as well take advantage of my English Heritage membership. The tea was delicious and restorative, the gardens were okay, but could have been better...the cars were naff though, dating mainly from the 1960s and 1970s and painted in a wide range of garish colours - the type of vehicles I remember being parked outside houses on council estates when I was a child.

I didn't stay long, only about an hour, and then took the quickest route, via Pickburn, to Woodlands and the bus back home. As I was walking through the estate down to the main road a bus came as I was near to a bus stop. I got on, but it probably wasn't a good decision; the bus found every estate it could on its route into town, taking three times longer than I was expecting.


  1. It looks like a lovely area for a walk :)

  2. South Yorkshire has some lovely countryside and places of interest as this post shows, thanks for sharing.