Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bakewell, Calton Houses, Calton Lees, and Chatsworth House.

I went to the toilets at Sheffield Railway Station and tripped up over a cone which was put there to cover up a wet and slippery patch: fortunately this was the only time I slipped or tripped today.

The weather forecast was for bright sunshine and the hottest day of the year; when I got to Bakewell it was cool and quite misty, and so I only took close-up photographs. The shots I've selected feature a pot plant next to the sink in the toilets, and an interesting café sign.

I left Bakewell and walked up to the Monsal Trail and headed eastwards for probably less than a mile to its current end at Coombs Viaduct. I continued walking along Coombs Road, which is a farm track at this point. By now the clouds were clearing and the sun was warming me up: there were lovely views back towards Bakewell, although the town can't actually be seen because a hill blocks the view.

I then climbed up through a wood and arrived at Calton Pastures, one of my favourite places in the Peak District. I enjoyed some absolutely stunning panoramas as I walked down towards Calton Houses, and then along the lane to Calton Lees.

Just before reaching Calton Houses I noticed a piece of rubbish at the side of the path: I read the ironic.

There are some lovely cottages at Calton Lees, all owned by the Chatsworth Estate.

The toilets at the Chatsworth Garden Centre at Calton Lees were very welcome; as was the pot of tea in the café. From here I had intended to make my way to Baslow, via Pilsley, but as I was walking alongside the river I realised that my bowels were working loose again, and the process of walking was making things worse. I went to the toilets again at Chatsworth House and then just hung about waiting for the bus, taking a few photographs. 

I enjoyed myself today, as I always do when visiting the Peak District; but my bowels let me down - I think I must have eaten too many grapes yesterday.

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