Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Short Walk From Fox House, And A Drive Up The Upper Derwent Valley.

Today I spent a lovely few hours in the Peak District with two friends from Leeds. It was totally unexpected; I received a phone call at eleven o'clock and we arranged to meet ninety minutes later at Sheffield Railway Station. I assumed we would just be meeting up for a drink, or a meal, but when my friend met me he mentioned that they'd come in the car and fancied a quick visit to the Peak District.

We drove to Fox House and walked part way along the carriage track and then returned back to the car park by the high level route at the top of the rocks. Damo has a bit of a limp, and his shoes weren't really appropriate for hiking, but I reckon we did about three miles; and no-one came to any harm.

After a quick drink in the pub we drove to Ladybower Reservoir and then turned up the road which goes up the valley. We stopped at the Derwent Dam to enjoy the view from the observation platform. Conditions were absolutely perfect; mainly sunny, but with dramatic-looking clouds, a strong breeze and occasional drizzle. We even spotted a rainbow. Excellent conditions for photography...but I didn't take my camera.

We continued further up the valley to the Howden Dam, which was overtopping; glistening like a plate of glass in the bright sunlight. The road at this point is narrow and so we needed to travel another mile or so in order to find a spot to turn round. All the time we drove very slowly up and down the valley, drinking in the scenery and listening to Wagner on the car's music system.

We then returned to Sheffield along the A57 road, arriving in ample time for my friends to have a meal before going on to their appointment.

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  1. sounds really nice, but what a shame you didn't take a camera, I'd have loved to have seen a photo or two :)