Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Short Walk To The Railway Station, And Back Home.

I arrived at the railway station as usual this morning intending to catch the early train to Sheffield; but it was cancelled - and the line is closed all day. Of course I didn't know this in advance, did I?

There was no replacement bus service, no information on the departures board, no posters anywhere...and no staff at the station until well after eight o'clock.

When someone did eventually open up the ticket office, I politely, but very firmly, requested a complaints form...I think he was bit surprised.

So...I'm planning to try again tomorrow, and in the meantime I'll fill in the form and see what happens.


  1. Are you still going to go for a walk though? You could do a local one instead.

  2. I've got comfortable in front of the computer screen now, watching some live cricket. I've planned my walk for tomorrow though; obviously a different one to what I'd planned for today, because the weekday bus services are completely different to the Sunday services.