Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miller's Dale, Priestcliffe, Brushfield, Hassop Station and Bakewell.

A bad day today for public transport between Doncaster and Sheffield. Although it was misty and not very good conditions for photography, it was fine for walking and I really enjoyed myself - I even took the opportunity to photograph this footpath sign which refers to part of my anatomy.

The were no trains to Sheffield, the regular X78 bus was delayed because of problems with a new ticket machine which needs to scan all concessionary travel passes...and then the bus broke down at Rotherham.

It took over an hour and a half to reach Sheffield, on a service which is supposed to be an express. Obviously I'd missed the bus I was intending to catch at Sheffield, and so had to change my plans.

I caught the Buxton bus and got off at Miller's Dale, walking down the road for a few hundred yards and taking the Limestone Way, up over the hill to Priestcliffe.

I then walked across fields and along the bottom of a lovely little dry valley called High Dale, which reminded me of similar valleys in the Yorkshire Wolds. This section was a joy to walk along; gently sloping downhill with springy grass underfoot.

There was then a short section of road leading to the hamlet of Brushfield, and then a byway of varying standard almost to the Monsal Trail just below Monsal Head - the last few yards down onto the trail is a steep, rocky footpath though.

I walked across the viaduct and through the Headstone Tunnel to arrive at the combined café and bookshop at Hassop Station. I enjoyed a rather nice scone with marmalade, and a pot of tea. I thought it was a bit expensive, but the surroundings were rather posh, and the service polite and efficient.

It was only a short walk into Bakewell where I had enough time to spend a few minutes watching people feed the ducks and geese down by the river, and have a look round a couple of the hiking shops. I didn't buy anything though.


  1. Love Hassop Station for a tea stop. Another great walk.

  2. Hi Lee

    That sounds like a good walk, I have done some of what you describe but not all of it.

    I must admire your getting about on public transport, the one consolation is you do not have to do circular walks like us car drivers.