Monday, March 21, 2011


Just a short visit to Castleton today with my friend Justin; we needed to be back early because he is the full-time carer for his mum and he had to be back home before his mum returns from the daycare centre.

Justin wanted to visit the castle, but because of his limp he wouldn't have been able to make the climb.

Monday is possibly the worst day of the week to visit Castleton; several of the shops were closed after opening yesterday...and of course it's market day at Bakewell.

Nevertheless Justin enjoyed looking around the craft shops and I took a few photographs in various parts of the village.

We then went to a pub for lunch. We both immediately decided to have game pie but were rather disappointed with what was served up; there were no roast vegetables, just chips and mushy peas, and the meat in the pies was rather bland and tough to chew.

We stayed in the pub until the bus was due. The timetable has recently been modified, and at the time we travelled the 272 took a much longer route, taking in Bamford village and a circuitous route around Sheffield that went everywhere except the railway station. As we got off the bus at the bus station I told the driver that I wasn't impressed with the new route. He did not reply to my comment.


  1. It is a bit of a pull up to that castle. I don't know why they alter things to make them worse than they were, the drive probably wasn't impressed either.

  2. Thank you for your Comment on my blog, yours is great by the way.
    Have you been on the

  3. Hello Richard. I've not been on the sight for ages; thanks for reminding me.

  4. Monday is better than Saturday or Sunday though - when the crowds decend and you cannot park. My hubby loves places when the shops are shut. Shame about the pie. x

  5. These photos are amazing, I really want to go to the Peak District at some point. I think I went there once when I was very young, but because it was so long ago I can't remember and thanks for your comments too, I didn't expect or want everyone to agree with me and I appreciate your viewpoint. xxx

  6. I haven't visited Castleton in a while, but have happy memories of the area. I'm going to have to take a stroll through your blog.