Sunday, March 13, 2011

Castleton, Hollins Cross, The Great Ridge and Mam Tor

I originally hadn't intended going walking today: I'm glad I did though because the weather turned out to be very nice.

Yesterday, today's weather forecast wasn't very promising; but when I checked online this morning it said a band of rain followed by sunny periods coming from the west - so I decided to go to Castleton; as far west as the 272 bus goes.

It was raining when I reached Sheffield, but was already dry by the time I'd got off the bus at my journey's end...and within the hour the first breaks in the cloud were observable.

I left Castleton and walked across the fields at the back of the village and then climbed up to Hollins Cross, the lowest point on the Great Ridge. I then continued westwards along the ridge to Mam Tor, then descended along footpaths which I haven't used before and took a photograph of Mam Tor from a different angle.

Finally, I walked along the road back to Castleton, enjoying good views of Winnats Pass.