Sunday, March 13, 2011

Castleton, Hollins Cross, The Great Ridge and Mam Tor

I originally hadn't intended going walking today: I'm glad I did though because the weather turned out to be very nice.

Yesterday, today's weather forecast wasn't very promising; but when I checked online this morning it said a band of rain followed by sunny periods coming from the west - so I decided to go to Castleton; as far west as the 272 bus goes.

It was raining when I reached Sheffield, but was already dry by the time I'd got off the bus at my journey's end...and within the hour the first breaks in the cloud were observable.

I left Castleton and walked across the fields at the back of the village and then climbed up to Hollins Cross, the lowest point on the Great Ridge. I then continued westwards along the ridge to Mam Tor, then descended along footpaths which I haven't used before and took a photograph of Mam Tor from a different angle.

Finally, I walked along the road back to Castleton, enjoying good views of Winnats Pass.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I hope that you would do so regularly in the future too. On my part, I shall visit your two blogs regularly and where I can, shall leave comments.

    Your walks are inspiring. I am a walker too but it is restricted to walking for exercise. Both my hip joints have been replaced and revised and that is why I restrict my walking to about an hour everyday. I walk at the neighbourhood joggers' park and I shall post about that again with photographs soon.

    Traveling by public buses in India needs great stamina and patience besides an ability to put up with large crowds within and without. I am paranoid about the possibility of being shoved around and falling. More than me, my son is and forbids my traveling by bus or going to any place where there are large crowds!