Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hemswell Antiques Centre and Hemswell Village

I was hoping to be able to go to one of the places that was holding an open gardens weekend today. Sadly the weather has been quite bad all week and today has been no exception and so I decided to visit an old standby for whenever it's raining; Hemswell Antiques Centre to the east of Gainsborough.

The antiques centre is located on an old RAF base and there are 6-8 separate businesses operating from various former hangars, barracks, and administration buildings.

There aren't just antiques on display here though...and that's why I enjoy looking round so much; there are collectibles, furniture, jewellery, toys, glassware, railwayana, paintings, books, artwork, vintage clothing, militaria, coins and medals, and all sorts of random tat and junk.

There are also several cafes, two small garden centres, a couple of garden and building materials recovery/recycling merchants, a nursing home and several other businesses on the site.

The buildings are quite far spaced apart, and as on previous visits we didn't manage to see everything we wanted to; there was time to pop into one of the cafes for cream teas though.

On the way home we briefly popped into the village of Hemswell so that I could take some photographs of the church.

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