Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tickhill, Stainton, Braithwell, Micklebring, and Conisbrough Hill Top

Tickhill is a pretty little market town. The sun was still shining when I arrived there and I got off the bus a few stops before the town centre and walked along the main road, taking photographs along the way.

I located the lane that leads to Stainton, but missed the footpath across the fields. The footpath runs almost parallel to the road so I didn't have to walk much further. As I approached Stainton something that looked like a castle keep appeared in front of took me a while as I walked a good few hundred yards closer to realise they are actually grain silos [I think.]

The church at Stainton is quite higgledy-piggledy, probably constructed over different periods of time many years apart, but it is quite attractive and is in a pretty spot in the village, up the hill from the duck pond.

It was a mixture of tarmac lanes and muddy fields until I reached Braithwell; the church there isn't as attractive, and its location next to an estate of council houses ruins many of the opportunities for photography.

There's nothing to see at Micklebring and I've done the walk back to Conisbrough Hill Top several times and so knew to expect nothing as I walked back to the bus stop. As I approached a double-decker on its way to Doncaster passed, fortunately I only had to wait seventeen minutes for the next one though.

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