Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wandering Around Wakefield City Centre With My Camera

I visit Wakefield quite often, it's easy to get there on  the train. I've never taken my camera with me before and spent most of my time concentrating on taking photographs, so today made a pleasant change.

There are some quite impressive Victorian civic buildings, and some Georgian residences as well, in the area to the north of the main shopping district.

In addition to the cathedral there are a couple of other older buildings, but my sightlines were ruined by modern monstrosities being in the way. I went in to the Cathedral Kitchen for a bit of something to eat. When I removed my rucksack I noticed that a bra from one of the charity shops I'd visited was hanging off from the back, tangled up in one of the straps...I removed it and discreetly pushed it behind a display board near to where I was sitting.

When I was walking through the city I wasn't aware of any strange or unkind comments being made about me. 

There are no photographs from inside the cathedral because I didn't enter - there was a service going on at the time.

Travelling home on the train there was a bit of a commotion. A young drunken yob had got on and locked himself inside the toilet thinking that by doing this he wouldn't have to pay. The guard spotted him, he must be known to her, and she went down the carriage and tried to persuade him to open the door. When she got her keys out I thought she would open the door and drag him out - in fact she locked him in, meaning that he'd have to stay in there all the way to Doncaster. He wasn't very happy and became abusive, shouting obscenities and loudly banging on the door. I think there would be a few people waiting for him once everyone had got off the train - people who he wouldn't want to be meeting today.

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