Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Visiting Retford With Justin

I regularly go to Retford with my friend Justin, maybe once every four to six weeks; it's our favourite local town - so a visit there is nothing special, although there was a specific reason we went today, Justin wanted to try the festive turkey pie meal at the local Wetherspoon's pub, The Dominie Cross. With it being near to Christmas I thought I'd take my camera along just in case there was anything interesting to snap; well, the unexpected rain spoiled that for me...I did manage to take three decent photographs though. 

The festive turkey pie was delicious and well presented; I wasn't sure if Justin was joking or not when he said he could eat another. The Dominie Cross is a large modern pub, however The Turk's Head across the road looks much more traditional from the outside; I haven't been inside though.

We then looked round our favourite shops, the charity shops and CEX for Justin to find a DVD to watch later. Not too far from The Dominie Cross is the Market Place, where the beautiful Town Hall dominates the townscape.

There are about eight charity shops in the town; I bought three pairs of shoes, two pairs of which were actually new...the total cost was only £14. Not long after I'd taken the photographs of the town hall, a young woman, who maybe recognised him from Doncaster, walked up to Justin quite aggressively, waved her arms about and then shouted, "Kentucky Fried Chicken" at the top of her voice. Justin does visit KFC in Doncaster a lot. 

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