Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bakewell and Ashford-in-the-Water

[I'm starting today's post with a very simple photograph of a hot air balloon I saw as soon as I left my house this morning - I really like the contrast between the colours]

I had planned to go walking in the Hope Valley today but the 272 bus didn't show up - so I caught the 218 to Bakewell. At this hour it went via Chatsworth House, and even so early on a Sunday morning it was delayed by a few minutes because of the large number of people, and cars, already there for the International Horse Trials.

After going to the toilet I went to the shop for a sandwich; I was given a free promotional copy of 'The Sunday Sun' newspaper. I walked along the Waterside; there are usually people feeding the ducks and geese even though there are prominent signs telling them not to...this morning was no exception.

Just after taking the photograph above I encountered a small group of people; to be honest they were partially blocking my way - as I edged by them I noticed that they were gathered round an old man who was encouraging them to stroke his pet squirrel. I didn't stop and crossed over the bridge, walking along the meadows until I reached the lane leading to the next footpath.

In one of the large gardens that backs onto the river there was helicopter parked/moored...or whatever the correct word is.

I steadily climbed out of Bakewell, at first through woodland and then my favourite landscape...limestone grassland. There were some lovely views.

The path led down to the Monsal Trail which I took for maybe half a mile before finding the footpath which took me by Churchdale Hall to reach Ashford-in-the-Water. To start off with I was walking along a tarmacked drive, but then I descended down some fields and through a small wood to the road. There was a disused stile which was a perfect location for me to stop and eat my sandwich...and some chocolate biscuits.

Ashford is a pretty village; I've included some photographs of subjects I haven't taken before.

For the next section of the walk I had planned to climb up to Sheldon and Magpie Mine, however during the steep climb up out of Ashford I pulled a muscle in my groin and so had to return back to Bakewell by the shortest, and easiest, route.

I never even reached Sheldon, just a point on the road next to the mobile phone mast about a mile east of the village. I headed towards Bakewell on the road for a few hundred yards and then took the footpath which comes out right across the road from the lychgate leading into the churchyard.

Yet again, more gorgeous views for me to enjoy.

There was some lovely blossom on the trees in the churchyard. I went inside the church - there was nothing that interested me though.

I was looking forward to enjoying a pot of tea and maybe a scone when I got down into the town. I knew it would probably be busy...and I was right in my assumption. As an the moment Bakewell only has one fish and chip shop and the queue  stretched right across the Square and into one of the side streets [There was a fire at the other fish and chip shop and restaurant a few months ago and it remains closed]

So...I left Bakewell on the 2:30 bus and arrived in Sheffield nearly an hour later. On the train travelling back to Doncaster I remembered my free newspaper and so took it out of my rucksack. When I opened it up it was as though it was written in a foreign language...or some type of top secret military code. I didn't understand about a quarter of the headlines. I think I'm out of my depth when it comes to celebrity and pop culture...I'll just stick to the opera and ballet.

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