Monday, April 11, 2016

A Day Out To Derby On The Train

I went with my friend Justin, who's slightly disabled and struggles a bit at times. We used Derbyshire Wayfarer Tickets which were able to purchase for half price, £6.15, because we have ENCTS passes. 

The first photograph was taken in the old market hall, which was half empty; the second photograph was taken in the large indoor shopping centre with a name that I've already forgotten which consisted of a three letter acronym beginning with the letter 'I' and sounded as though it might be an offshoot of the Islamic State. The three kidney-shaped objects I photographed in the shopping centre, I think they're seats, but they're very low; so low that I used one of them to place my foot on so that I could re-tie my shoelaces.

By lunchtime Justin was really tired and although I knew that there were several suitable pubs up the hill towards the cathedral we needed to eat at the earliest opportunity, and so popped in to Walkabout, an Australian-themed pub. The meal, and the soft drinks, were rather poor.

I took a photograph of a display of surfboards attached to the wall.

We visited all of the charity shops; I bought a new pair of trousers for £5.79 and a couple of secondhand jumpers for £1.99 each, and Justin bought a video, 'Bikini Ski School' [which I've struggled to say correctly every time I've tried.]

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