Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chatsworth House, Harewood House, or Haddon Hall?

I'm considering buying a season ticket for one of these three attractions. 

Although I regularly visit Chatsworth Park when I'm walking I've never actually been inside the house, or wandered around the extensive formal gardens. The price of a season ticket is £75, less than the price of four day tickets.  

A season ticket for Harewood House is only £30, but it's not as easy for me to get there, and I don't think it's likely to be as good as Chatsworth.

My third option is Haddon Hall, just down the road from Bakewell, but requiring two buses to reach from Sheffield. A season ticket here is even cheaper, only £28, but it's much smaller than the other two stately homes and I don't think it has the touring exhibitions that there are at Chatsworth.

One additional benefit that Chatsworth House offers is the ability to add a friend to my membership, either an extra £35 for a named person, or £60 for an un-named person. My brother will be visiting me later this morning and I'll ask him if he's interested; the other more expensive option might be useful if my friend wants to go a few times with me...and of course I could also go for a day out with my support worker - although I'm having problems with getting my care package renewed at the moment.

I've not even decided to even sign up for a season ticket yet...anywhere. Harewood House would be the logical choice, taking advantage of the fact that I can use my free travel pass to go on the train to Leeds, something that might not be available to me in the future. However, Chatsworth offer of an additional person adding to my membership at a discount is very attractive and tempting. I shall have to find out what my brother and my friend have to say.

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