Thursday, December 31, 2015

From the Archives: Barnburgh

Barnburgh, about five miles west of Doncaster is situated in an area of nice countryside but it is best known for the 'Cat and Man' legend which goes back to the fifteenth century and features Sir Percival Cresacre, who lived in Barnburgh Hall at the time. He was riding home after a night out in Doncaster and was attacked by a wildcat or lynx and thrown off his horse. A fight then occurred between Percy and the animal as he struggled down Ludwell Hill towards the village. He managed to reach the porch of the church but before he could open the heavy wooden doors he died; the cat died from its injuries a few seconds later at the same spot, where the stonework is supposedly stained red with blood that cannot be washed's just part of the natural coloration of the local limestone though.

The photograph I've selected features what I know as 'The Lightning Tree' just to the west of an area called 'Barnburgh Cliff.' I was there only a few weeks ago and although I wasn't specifically looking out for it, I didn't see the lightning maybe it's no longer there.

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