Friday, July 24, 2015

Melton Wood Country Park and Marr Wind Farm

One of my regular local walks with Marshall, my support worker; more talking than walking really. Melton Wood Country Park is about four miles west of Doncaster, about a mile and a half northwest of Sprotbrough, probably my favourite spot in Doncaster.

The day was a bit miserable, dark and cloudy and occasionally spitting with rain. It was very dark inside the wood and none of my attempts at artistic photography worked out. On the far side of the wood we came to a corn field and walked alongside the edge of the field until we got some decent views of the wind turbines at Marr Wind Farm.

We reached a point as close to the nearest turbine as we could and noticed what we've decided to call a 'crop snake' leading to the tower; a neatly formed winding path where the stalks of the wheat have been almost perfectly flattened. Since access was easy, we decided to follow the 'snake' or 'yellow crop road' to the turbine, all the time discussing who might have produced it, and why...we settled on a small group of children. It was professionally done and would take quite a bit of time and endeavour though.

When we reached the base of the turbine we were impressed with its size and a bit surprised at how quiet it was; we could only just about discern the swoosh of the blades as they reached the bottom of their revolutions.

I noticed a sign designed by children had been attached to the bottom of the tower, we were amused to discover that it was informing us that this particular wind turbine is called 'Colin.'

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