Friday, May 8, 2015

Bentley Community Woodland

A short walk today with Marshall, my support worker, around Bentley Community Woodland, a landscaped area which used to be a colliery and its spoilheap, only a couple of miles north of Doncaster town centre. It was a good opportunity for me to discuss a couple of issues that are currently on my mind, my brother's recent diagnosis of autism  and my Freedom of Information request about my own personal care plan.

Like the rest of these similar local sites there are some interesting features to look at, the photographs show a seat partially made from spanners and a piece of sculpture on the summit made out of the remains of the drill bits from the coal cutting machine.

We sat and ate our sandwiches [sausage rolls actually] down by the lake.

We were able to watch the ducks and the trains going by on the East Coast Main Line - from the summit we were able to spot trains on the Leeds Spur railway line too

There were a few wildflowers in bloom, mainly dandelions and daisies, but there were also gorse and broom flowering as well.

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  1. We have a similar community woodland where I live and it was also where the Ashington Colliery used to be. I'm a health walk leader and a lot of walks go around the footpaths in there - there's around 15 km of tracks and we have made a pack of maps and set out routes so members of the public can follow them without getting lost LOL.

    Best wishes - Paula :)