Monday, April 20, 2015

A Visit To Gainsborough Old Hall

I've just got back from a visit to Gainsborough Old Hall with Siobhan, one of my support workers; it's our first trip out this summer. I've visited the hall once before, a few years ago. At that time admission was free, it now costs £5.50 at the concessionary rate - and it's not really very good value for what there is to see.

Obviously we didn't do much walking today; the climb up the spiral staircase to the tower roof got me a bit out of breath though.

At the other side of the pleasant square the unusual parish church is located. Architecturally it's a mixture of mediaeval and seventeenth century styles. Inside it looks, and feels, more like a sumptuous palace ballroom than a church.

Unfortunately my indoor flash shots didn't turn out right at all.

We then walked into town and I got some bargains from the charity shops, and then returned to the car via the riverside.

Here's an information board telling you about the Aegir, the Trent tidal bore.

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