Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hathersage Booths, Upper Padley, Grindleford, Leadmill, Offerton, Shatton, and Bamford

There was an unplanned change to my regular routine yesterday and so I forgot to buy anything to put up as sandwiches for today. So, this morning I would have to buy something during the walk; naturally this influenced where I decided to go. I opted for Hathersage Booths, and a quick walk down the track to Grindleford Station Café. It wasn't much of a quick march though; I lingered to take a lot of photographs.

The first one was taken in the car park of The Millstone pub, near to where the bus drops you off. (As can be seen, all of last week's snow has melted.)

The next one was further up the road, back towards the track which leads to Upper Padley, and the café.

I took plenty more photographs as I was walking along the track; I had to stop and turn round to take them; this was the only section of the walk where I was facing the sun. I've not included them here because they're pretty similar to first two though.

Padley Chapel was well illuminated by the sun low on the horizon and I experimented framing shots at unusual angles.

I soon arrived at the café and was re-assured to see smoke billowing out of the ramshackle chimney. I was looking forward to a Full English Breakfast. I was the fourth customer of the morning and so was able to sit close to the coal fire, only about 3ft away. I could certainly feel the heat; the flames were about 18 ins high. The rustic scene was completed by an old companion set, a selection of pokers, and a brass coal scuttle...I really did want to poke and riddle that fire.

It was only a short walk down the road to Grindleford,where I took a photograph of the church/chapel. The building is nothing special and so I never bothered before, but with the sun at a low angle casting very long shadows and the frost sparkling like jewels I had to give it a try. I'm very happy with the result.

I then walked across the fields alongside the river to reach Leadmill. I took dozens of photographs; here are my favourites.

I had to walk along a section of country road to reach the hamlet of Offerton,
but there was the compensation of having more lovely views to enjoy.

It was then an easy walk down to Shatton. I stopped to use what I've alway called a 'urinal tree.' - here's a picture I took, in case you don't know what I mean.

By now my legs were quite painful; my calf muscles, and the muscles at the back of my knee were constantly twitching. I wasn't worried though, I know what causes it - it's due to magnesium depletion. I've been taking magnox tablets and they're very effective - but they do give me a bit of diarrhoea at times and so I've been trying to manage without them.

(By the way, the other tablets that I need to take for my acid reflux problem are called 'proton pump inhibitors' - they also sound like they ought to be found in a nuclear power station.)

If the timing was right I would have popped into the tearooms at the High Peak Garden Centre. It wasn't though and so I walked straight to the bus stop.

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