Sunday, November 16, 2014

Conisbrough, Ravenfield, and Thrybergh Country Park

The BBC online weather forecast for today was much better for Doncaster than it was for Bakewell; so I went on a local walk....and besides that I didn't wake up until 07:30 after a late night at the comedy club - far too late to catch the early train to Sheffield.

I got off the bus at the last stop in Conisbrough, crossed the road and walked uphill along Park Lane, a well-maintained bridleway. I headed south for about two miles until reaching the road near to the bridge over the M18 motorway. In an otherwise misty and monotone day I managed to find a bit of colour in these yellow autumn leaves.

Accompanied by the sound of distant gunfire I walked along the road towards the entrance to Rotherham Gun Club and took the footpath just beyond, crossing high common land. At this point I was joined by a woman with a big white dog who kept disappearing and re-appearing again, even though she was only a few feet behind me. I wanted a pee, but was never sure as to whether or not it would be safe; I managed to have one a few minutes later in a copse.

I missed the path that went across the fields to Ravenfield and so had to take a country lane into the village. I don't think Ravenfield is particularly beautiful, but I did notice one or two impressive buildings, and at the entrance to the village there's a sign which informs visitors that it twice won the 'Britain in Bloom' competition several years ago.

There was another stretch of road down to Thrybergh Country Park, quite steep at one point. I walked clockwise around the western half of the lake to reach the public toilets and the café.

I ordered ham, egg, and salad from the café; it was very well presented and tasted fine. Afterwards I went outside and sat watching the children feeding the ducks for about half an hour before walking down to the bus stop; I only had to wait five minutes for a bus back to Doncaster.

Today it was an easy and relatively short walk, but that's good; I pulled a groin muscle doing some capoeira moves in 'Theatre of the Oppressed' class last Monday and I don't want to break down again - I'll be leading the session tomorrow and I have got something quite physical planned.

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  1. I love the yellow of the leaves. It's nice to get a bit of colour in the world. :-)