Saturday, September 27, 2014

Group Walk To Langold Lake And Firbeck

Last month the highest number of people came on the group walk; twenty two people went to Clumber Park. This month there were only seven of us, the fewest ever. Maybe it was because it's a Saturday and people had other things to do -  the day was chosen so that it would be easier for those using the bus to get to the pick up point in town though, and we were expecting more people to be there.

The travel plans went according to plan and we arrived at Langold Lake at just after ten thirty. 

We walked round the lower part of the lake and then headed off towards Firbeck where we ate our sandwiches and collected some conkers for the children. They were easy picking, just lying around on the grass. 

We returned back to Langold, partially retracing our route.

There's usually something new to see on a walk; today it was these neatly trimmed hedges and overhanging branches at the edge of a field.

Sometimes there's also something unexplained that I come across; today it was this curved metal barrier down by the beck at Firbeck.

Any suggestions as to what it might be?


  1. These I think are for cows to come down the water and drink from stream but prevents them from breaking through.

    I've seen similar in Somerset with cows doing the same so presume the same thing.

    1. Thanks James. They were actually next to a horse paddock...but will serve the same purpose I should think.