Monday, July 7, 2014

Humber Bridge Country Park and Howden

Today I went out for the day with my support walker again and ended up doing a short walk through the Humber Bridge Country Park and along the foreshore at Hessle...and then a look round the charming little town of Howden.

The day didn't go as intended, but turned out far better than expected though. The weather forecast was for heavy showers in the afternoon, but fine until about one o'clock. The plan was to go and have a look round the museums and art gallery at Hull, first stopping at the Humber Bridge to eat our sandwiches. The weather stayed fine all day and we were so impressed with the views of the bridge, the country park, and the foreshore that we stayed for a couple of hours at Hessle, probably seeing about half of the country park and walking half a mile or so along the foreshore. The walking was very easy, apart for climbing down some rather overgrown steps and needing to walk through a partially flooded underpass where sandbags had been positioned to act as stepping stones.

By the time we'd arrived back at the car there wasn't enough time left to go into Hull; the art gallery and museums would have to wait for a rainy day. We decided to head back towards Doncaster, but stop off on the way in Howden. We were hungry and in need of refreshment and so had tea and a large slice of apple pie at the California Gardens garden centre. The food was rather expensive, but I reckon the apple pie was the best I've ever had. I wish we'd gone straight into town though, the Women's Institute was serving tea and cakes inside the minster - much cheaper and a far wider choice of cake....and a very impressive location.


  1. I've never been to Hull and I didn't know it had a minster. It looks lovely in your photos.

  2. Hello Louise. The minster is at Howden...we didn't actually get as far as Hull.