Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Future Plans

As from June 8th I'll be able to use my ENCTS travel pass to travel for free on the train to Sheffield again, thus making it so much easier, like it was before, for me to go walking in the Peak District. If the weather forecast turns out to be promising I'll be on the first train to Sheffield on Sunday morning; using my pass at the earliest opportunity.

I'll be glad to get back to the familiar places that I've missed for these past two months. I did manage one trip out to the Peak District though when I met my friend from Leeds,  and travelled to and from Sheffield on the bus...it was very tiring though.

At the end of July a couple of new bus services will be running out to the Peak District from Sheffield. I don't know what routes they'll be taking yet, but I'm hoping that they might open up some new areas for me to go walking.

Apart from the walking I'm also planning visiting more of the towns in Derbyshire: I can reach Buxton direct from Sheffield, and Ashbourne from Matlock. Buxton is pretty, I've not visited Ashbourne before though,, I've only seen it from the coach on the way to Alton Towers many years ago. I remember being impressed at the time, and I've not been disappointed by the photographs I've seen online.

I'm also keen to visit the Wirksworth Open Gardens Festival - I've not checked the details online yet though.

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