Monday, March 24, 2014

Too Tired

I had intended to go walking today but I'm too tired after two successive late nights at the theatre, sitting quietly all evening and then yelling "Bravo! Bravo!" at the end of Verdi's opera Nabucco at Sheffield City Hall last night, and dancing in the aisles to an Abba tribute band at Wakefield on Saturday night.

Today's walk would have been the last walk when I would have been able to use my English National Concessionary Travel Scheme pass to travel for free to the Peak District; it's a lovely sunny day and I'm rather disappointed not to be taking the opportunity to be walking in the dales, or across the moors. I do feel rather fatigued though; it's probably the cumulative effect of the tablets that I'm taking for my acid reflux erosive oesophagitis - I bought some multivitamin and iron tablets this morning and I'm hoping these will help. 

I'll still be able to use my pass for travelling to local destinations, and I've already got plenty planned to last me throughout the summer. One local area I've not really explored much is North Nottinghamshire; Doncaster has got good bus services to Worksop and Retford and so I should be able to easily reach Clumber Park and Cresswell Crags.

I'm hoping that I'll still be able to manage an occasional walk in the Peak District; a couple of acquaintances who have cars have mentioned the possibility of getting out on the moors for a bit of walking.


  1. "I'm hoping that I'll still be able to manage an occasional walk in the Peak District". So do I Lee, I really do.
    Keep blogging all about Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire too.

  2. There are some great walks out Retford way - hope you feel a bit more zingy soon.