Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some Bad News Affecting Me

As I was travelling on the train to Sheffield last night it was announced that as from April I won't be able to travel for free on the trains within South Yorkshire; my pass would only be valid on buses.

This is really bad news for me because it means that it will be much more difficult for me to reach the Peak District. It takes about 25-35 minutes to travel on the train to Sheffield, plus the bus ride into the Peak District, but travelling on the bus to Sheffield takes 75 minutes and so it makes a day out walking very difficult for me. I'll still be able to reach some parts of the Peak District and adjacent areas by catching the bus to Barnsley, but these aren't my preferred areas to visit, and it's a limited geographical area to explore. 

At the moment my travel pass is also valid for free travel to Leeds and Wakefield on the train. I have a budget for theatre trips allocated to me by Social Services and I regularly travel into West Yorkshire to visit the theatre...and to attend a social group for people with Asperger's syndrome. It costs about £12 to travel to Leeds on the train and I certainly can't afford that, maybe twice or three times a month.

My life has been ruined; unless there's some way for me to reclaim travelling expenses when I go walking or visit the theatre I will end up totally isolated and pretty much social activities will be limited to going on local walks which I can reach on the bus.