Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fox House, Burbage Valley, and Longshaw Estate

I had planned to go to Foolow today to have a look at the recently formed sinkhole. I got on the number 65 bus at Sheffield Bus Station; the weather was lovely, brilliant sunshine up to Fox House, but over to the west, in the direction of Foolow, I had noticed a threatening bank of dark clouds. The bus stopped at Fox House to let several people off...and I got off too.

The weather remained good for the next hour and a half and I managed to get some good photos, especially from the old quarries.

I walked along the bottom of the valley and returned back towards Fox House using the high route, taking in Higger Tor and Carl Wark.

When I got down to the road at the county boundary the timing was perfect for a visit to Longshaw Lodge for tea and cake. The tea was free; I only needed to present my bus ticket. TM Motors are good with their special offers for their passengers - it's just a pity that many of their buses are old and poorly maintained, and their routes and timetables seem to be inconvenient for many people. (Many students studying at the two Sheffield universities took advantage of the £2 discount at Chatsworth House last year.)

I had to pay for the chocolate cake: it was too dry for my liking though.

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