Friday, February 8, 2013

English Heritage Membership.

This year I've been able to allocate a small part of my social services care budget to purchasing a year's membership of English Heritage.

English Heritage only owns one property in the Peak District, Peveril Castle at Castleton. So, a climb up the hill to visit the castle will be the beginning of my next walk starting in the village.

There are three properties situated a few miles to the east of the national park; Bolsover Castle, Sutton Scarsdale Hall, and Hardwick Old Hill.

Bolsover is easily reached on the Mansfield bus from Sheffield, the other two sites will require me to walk for a few miles after getting off the bus. This won't be a problem though, since, obviously, I enjoy walking and should be able to devise suitable routes to include visits to the two halls.

Much nearer to home, I'll be able to visit Conisbrough Castle, which isn't that impressive really; Brodsworth Hall with its majestic formal gardens, and Roche Abbey in its idyllic location. I'll be regularly visiting the last two properties throughout the year.

There are also properties at York and further afield which I'd like to get around to seeing during the course of the next twelve months.

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  1. Ive done a fair few of these and they are all spectacular. Sutton Scarsdale is very spooky!