Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hathersage Booths, Upper Padley, Nether Padley, Froggatt, Calver, Bubnell, and Baslow.

The weather was lovely today and so I took a lot of photographs; many of them turned out to be quite good. There are far too many to include on the blog and so I'll be uploading my favourites onto my Panoramio photo-sharing page  Direct Link Here

There are numerous pictures from some of my other walks on the site, and also many images featuring locations in and around Doncaster, where I live; and a bit further afield too. I hope you enjoy looking at them: they're all in high quality format as well.

I started today's walk at the Millstone pub on the road above Hathersage and immediately went to the far side of the car park near to where the picnic tables are located to take some photographs. I reckon this is the best view from a pub car park anywhere in the Peak District.

I then walked up the road for a bit before taking the track which leads down to Upper Padley. Regular readers of the blog who know the area well will probably have already guessed where I was going for my breakfast...the Old Station Café at Grindleford Railway Station.

The establishment has unusual, yet very precise, opening times; and the owner is never late in opening you can see. I enjoyed a full cooked English breakfast served up on a twelve inch place, with the flames from the roaring log fire warming my back.

I then crossed the road and walked along a couple of streets at Lower Padley, and  climbed up through Hay Wood to reach Froggatt Edge. I only walked along the edge for just over half a mile before struggling down a steep and rocky path to the village of Froggatt. Although I wasn't on high ground for very long there were still plenty of opportunities to take photographs, so long as no-one else was in the was very busy in some places.

Once I'd reached the bottom of the valley I walked along the east bank of the River Derwent and then crossed over the 'New Bridge' just north of Calver to walk along the other bank. The path actually runs next to a stretch of water called The Goit, which I think is a section of a millrace which runs parallel to the river.

Just before reaching Calver the path moves away from the river and crosses a campsite: there are excellent views of Froggatt from here - I had to keep stopping and looking behind me to best appreciate them though.

I've never walked through the old centre of Calver village and so enjoyed this short diversion before climbing up through woodland, and then down across fields and a country lane to reach Bubnell...and finally Baslow.

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  1. That sign made me laugh, Lee. Reminded me of that one i saw in Yorkshire;