Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ashopton, Low Bradfield, and Oughtibridge.

My regular bus-stop wasn't in use this morning because many city centre roads were closed for the Sheffield Half Marathon, and so I had to walk down to the bus station. Fortunately I had plenty of time, but might well not have. The bus driver got lost trying to find his way around all the diversions and the journey to Ashopton took twice as long as it normally would have.

I could have a good long therapeutic rant about this situation, but I won't; this blog isn't the place for it...I'd certainly appreciate some comments from road runners who find their way to the blog though.

Most of he village of Ashopton is now submerged beneath the waters of Ladybower Reservoir; the few farms and houses which remain were the properties located higher up the valley side. The views of the reservoir from the track which goes past these buildings are impressive though.

The track is quite easy to walk along, a bit stony in places I suppose, but no long or steep climbs or descents. As I moved further away from the reservoir there were spectacular views of Win Hill behind me; unfortunately spoiled by overhead electricity wires and pylons.

Just beyond Moscar House the path reaches the road which leads towards Strines Inn. It was about a mile and a half until I reached the pub, stopping for a pot of tea next to the impressive floral display outside; being rather concerned though about a very inquisitive peacock which must live there; I heard some strange, and quite frightening, squawking noises from behind the main building which must have been the rest of the flock.

I continued on my planned route by walking a bit further along the road through a wooded section, and then took a track which led down towards Dale Dike Reservoir. I didn't take the footpath that goes right down to the reservoir, but chose a track along higher ground, assuming I'd be able to enjoy better views.

There was then quite a bit of walking along the road until I reached Low Bradfield and took the opportunity to pop in to the Post Office Café [as I refer to it] for another pot of tea...and some toast this time. The village was very busy; quite a few people were watching a cricket match being played, and there was a long queue for ice creams.

As I left the village I had no difficulty in finding the correct footpath, but got slightly lost later on and ended up doing quite a bit of a detour, passing a group of who I assumed to be illegal immigrants, living in a cow shed and hay barn; part of an abandoned farm.

Another section of road, only a short one this time, and then I was walking across Onesmoor. On the map it looks like open moorland, but it's actually a wheat field.
I'm intrigued about its likely pronunciation - is it pronounced with a 'w' sound, or not?

The final section of the walk was through woodland; I stopped in a sunny glade to take a picture of a stunning broom bush on my way down to Oughtibridge.

I didn't have very long to wait for the bus; it only went to the tram terminus at Middlewood though, meaning that I had to catch the tram to Meadowhall and then the train back to Doncaster.


  1. Bet you caught the sun on this walk Lee - fab photos.

    1. Actually, I was well covered arms were, and still are, red and sore from wearing a short-sleeved shirt for the previous two days.