Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bradwell, Great Hucklow, Grindlow, Foolow, Eyam, Stoney Middleton and Calver.

There's a footpath which goes from Bradwell to Great Hucklow, but I didn't use it today because the last two occasions I walked along it, it was very boggy in places. Instead I decided to take a route which meant I had to use two short stretches of the road...they were very short sections though.

The view looking back towards Bradwell is quite spectacular. I don't know if you can make it out in the photograph, but the absolute last remnants of the snow from a couple of weeks ago can be seen just below the summit of Win Hill; the prominent hill in the distance.

I had to walk through the farmyard of Nether Water Farm; it's a bit of a dump,being some kind of depot for the storage of heavy agricultural and construction machinery and vehicles. Fortunately the site is well screened with leylandii trees.

About a mile further on, now approaching Great Hucklow, and I'm still stopping to take photos. When I reached the village I had planned to take a short footpath behind the houses, but I couldn't find it and so walked along the main street instead.

It's only a short distance to Grindlow across the fields, and as I was climbing over a stile I paused to watch a glider being launched from the airfield situated at the top of Durham Edge.

I walked across more fields to reach Foolow, enjoying the views of Eyam Edge to the north east, and finished off the last of my sandwiches in the village; sitting next to the duck pond.

I was still feeling a bit peckish when I reached Eyam and so popped into the tea rooms for a cooked breakfast; receiving a top-up of hot water for my tea pot because I had to wait a little time for my jam and toast to finish off my meal. This gesture was very much appreciated.

I thought I would have to hurry to get to Calver for the bus, but I actually arrived with nearly twenty minutes to spare. I wish I had taken my time and lingered a little in Stoney Middleton taking some photographs: walking down the village's steep main street somehow always reminds me of Spain...maybe it's the style of the architecture, the fact that many of the buildings are white, the colourful flower displays...or just my imagination.

Overall, a very easy walk today. It was short, only about six miles, fairly flat, and most of the walking was across grass, along farm tracks, or on the road.

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  1. Lee, maybe you should increase the size of the photo's you post, then when they are clicked on, they would show a much bigger one (and the we could see the snow etc). Just a thought :-)