Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Bus Timetables.

Here are scans of all the bus timetables for services from Sheffield going into the Peak District. They are valid from the end of October 2011.

Route 65: Sheffield to Buxton. Pretty much unchanged as I can tell.

Route 214: Sheffield to Matlock. No major changes.

Route 215: Sheffield to Matlock (Sundays Only). Some services only going as far as Bakewell. Not much different to current timetable.

Route 218: Sheffield to Bakewell. No buses continuing to Buxton. No Sunday service.

Routes 273/274/275: Sheffield to Castleton/Bakewell. New routes; actually providing a slightly improved service along the A57 and up the Upper Derwent Valley to Fairholmes.

Route 272: Sheffield to Castleton. Basically, no change.

I think we have come off rather well, with only a loss of service provision to Buxton via Ashford-in-the-Water, and the cancellation of the 181 to Hartington - which I think is a summer only service anyhow. Personally, I'm very pleased about the new services which have replaced the 242...I feared that this route would be cancelled altogether; at least during the winter months.

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