Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bradwell, Mam Tor and Castleton

I bought some new boots on Thursday; a real bargain at £12.99. They bedded in really well on today's walk - I could walk downhill without them rubbing my toes.

The walk started with quite a steep climb out of Bradwell, skirting the perimeter of Hope Cement Works, which is well screened and so doesn't spoil any of the views along this route. I then went along fairly level tracks and country roads to Mam Tor, the second time this year I've climbed the Mother Mountain; which is nearly 1700 ft high. I counted the steps this time - there are 243 of them, plus long stretches along a steep path to the summit, from where the views of Edale, The Hope Valley and along The Great Ridge are spectacular

I then walked along the ridge, which I notice is now being marketed as 'The Castleton Skyline Walk' to Hollins Cross and then took a rather steep path back down to the village - this really put my boots to the test.

Highlights of the day: my new boots and the weather, which was perfect for photography.


  1. I'm sure you found it much better with proper walking boots. In my experience I find that the boots are the most important piece of equipment and then the rucksack. I will pay a high price for either of these items. Waterproofs are also important but be careful as they tend to be influenced by fashion so you can pay a lot extra for the name when something cheaper can do just as well. I look forward to reading more about your travels.

  2. Hello Rob:

    I'm certainly not influenced by fashion - it's always comfort and price that influence my decision whether to buy or not.